Wash Cloth Solution
Wash Cloth Solution
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Wash Cloth Solution

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Hand milled all natural Wash Cloth Solution. Made with hand crafted sustainably sourced palm, coconut and canola oils. Infused with organic calendula and chamomile flowers. Whipped in the final stage with lavender, carrot and rosemary oils. This is made with gentle soothing in mind.  2.5 oz packaged in a compostable zipper seal bag.

Simply mix a block with water until dissolved.  Usually 4oz per block but adjust with what works best for your situation.  Many put in a spray bottle to apply as needed, so wet some wipes and store to be used as needed.  Do not let your solution sit for too long as it may develop mildew.  Use boiled or distilled water is also a very good idea.

Calendula – Often used to heal wounds, rashes, infection, inflammation, and many other conditions

Chamomile – Commonly used to reduce inflammation and anxiety while promoting skin to heal and improve quality of sleep

Lavender – Commonly used to sooth and heal skin while promoting a calm mood

Carrot Oil – Commonly used to heal, moisturize and protect skin

Rosemary Oil -Commonly used to heal, protect and reduce pain

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