Most people wouldn’t put their hand into a dirty toilet and yet depending on what you have soaking, the toxic mess at the bottom of your bucket is just as unhygienic if not worse, until now!

The Strucket is just like a regular bucket but better. Combining the functionality of a strainer with a laundry-grade bucket, the Strucket now lets you soak, separate and drain without ever having to touch any yucky, toxic, grimy, dirty, chemical-filled water again!

The Strucket doesn’t make soaking enjoyable or fun - let’s be honest laundry is not a choice it is a chore – but it might just relieve you of the fear you feel when you forget about the soaking for a day or three and realise you have to get “those items” out of the water!

And do you know what? When we looked around the house we realised that we actually soak way more than we think and beyond that, the ingenious design of the Strucket is useful for so many other things too! So, for you the busy mum here is our list of all the items that you can now soak, clean, sanitise and prepare without ever having to touch the dirty water again…


Why do families need a Strucket?

Because soaking (used to) suck.

The Strucket takes the effort and mess out of soaking, giving families more time to spend doing things that make them feel good... like playing with the kids or showering in peace (cause we all know this is what families really dream of)!


Happy Strucket-ing Folks...

Here are a few of our favourite things to Strucket with:


  1. Fruit & Veg – pesticides are a problem
  2. Defrosting seafood & cleaning seafood
  3. Marinating meat, poultry, seafood
  4. Making Cocktails
  5. Udon Noodles
  6. Soaking/drying nuts
  7. Cleaning, scaling & gutting caught fish
  8. Live Bait
  9. Soaking Baking trays
  10. BBQ utensils


  1. Sanitising Modern Cloth Nappies
  2. Dry Pailing Modern Cloth Nappies
  3. Soaking traditional cloth nappies
  4. Soaking reusable baby wipes
  5. Wet/Stained underpants from toilet training
  6. Anything with Vomit
  7. Anything with Poo
  8. Baby Clothes
  9. Bibs & muslins
  10. Anything with blood on it
  11. Anything that needs to be disinfected
  12. Anything needing soaking for stain removal
  13. Whites – towels, sheets, shirts, pants
  14. Socks – grass stains and sporting grime
  15. Clean and sanitise pet bedding & pet clothes
  16. Soak sports/gym gear
  17. Soak tea towels
  18. Fishing clothes
  19. Hand washing delicates either silks or embellished garments
  20. Hand washing swimwear
  21. Hand washing lingerie
  22. Makes a great camping sink & washing machine


  1. Fishing nets
  2. Fish Tank filters
  3. Cleaning paint brushes
  4. Cleaning golf balls
  5. All the toys
  6. Lego (it is its own beast)
  7. Rinse, clean and disinfect dishes/cutleryDisinfecting head lice equipment
  8. Clean bike chains and parts
  9. Soaking Mop heads and cleaning cloths
  10. Cleaning engine parts
  11. Chemical use whether laundry or garage
  12. Soaking bonsai or other small potted plants
  13. Car washing, the grit is caught beneath the strainer

....And so much more! 


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