Bumby Wool

Bumby Wool

New to wool? Wool is a amazing natural fibre that fits perfectly for cloth diapering and more! It is.... 
-Antibacterial, Biodegradable and Reusable 
-Holds 30% its weight in moisture before feeling damp 
-Air dries extremely quickly
-Neutralizes urine while drying
-Temperature regulating, keeps you warm when its cold and cool when its hot
-Naturally flame retardant

    Bumby Wool is an artisan Merino Wool Clothing line focused on natural minded and cloth diapering families started since 2008. The same wool is used for all their products. All “bottoms” are functional as a diaper cover, but can also just been used as clothing. Bumby is designed to last for years of use, stretching to fit the same child for ages, or passed between siblings. Known for amazing customer service, highly customized garment in a ridiculous variety of colours with a multitude of style options!(We do not stock everything they offer, let us know if you want something Bumby offers and you do not see here!) 

    Bumby's founder Stephanie grew up loving the look but hating the feel of wool. She thought she was actually allergic to wool her whole life, because it caused irritation. Not all fibers feel the same. There are many different uses for wool and being soft isn’t always needed. There are different grades of Merino wool. The fiber gauge is measured in microns. The smaller the number the softer the fiber. Bumby uses 18.5 microns wool, which is the softest available they have found, making it soft and stretchy minus the itch! 

    Bumby Wool has some added features because of the way it is milled. Their mill in Montreal Canada sets up their massive knitting machine just for them and makes one of the softest and most stretchy merino wool blends on the market.  Bumby Wool is a 95% merino wool (18.5 micron) 5% lycra blend interlock, OEKO-tex certified. 

    Handmade with love and care from Red Deer Alberta, Canada! 

    Check out their site for useful wool care info: https://bumbywool.com/

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