What are Modern Day Cloth Nappies (MCN)?

Modern day cloth nappies/diapers are no longer just plain white muslin cloth that can only hold one newborn pee. Neither do they require cubersome amount of time to be handwashed and soaked in a pail of water (bacteria and mosquito breeding ground) to keep smells away. Instead, they come in wide ranging designs and absorbancy to suit your growing child needs and are encouraged to be machine washed (refer to this link)!


Generally, coming at a higher price tags, AIOs are the most convenient - just wash, dry and wear!

Closely followed are the Pockets & AI2s, they require a little assembling, but still wears like disposable diapers that most people nowadays are used to. They typically come sold with inserts and you can also customise the absorbancy by adding more inserts or changing to prefolds/flats.

Covers (water resistent layer) and flats (absorbant layer) comes hand in hand, and are the most cost effective system for the budget conscious but they do require some folding, it is most like the olden days cloth diapers that we were raised in, just a lot more absorbant ;)

Covers can also be pair with inserts or prefolds as the absorbant layer if you prefer less origami XD

If you're not sure what to choose or start with, go for pockets! They're just in between for ease of use and cost effectiveness - most Singapore families use this system and/or start out here :)


Here at Clothe In Love, we hope to support your family through cloth diapering your little ones, whether some of the time, or all of the time! We carry a full range of cloth diaper systems & brands to fit different households budget and needs. Connect with us if you need help choosing what is suitable for you or if you have any questions regarding cloth diapering, we love to help!