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Pocket Bib
A staple in every mealtime

Got this because my #2 hated silicone bibs, and I wish I got this for my #1 too. Love that it is thin, lightweight with good coverage, washes well and it has big pocket to catch all the food he keep dropping. Really recommended!!

Excellent insert

This is the go-to-insert for night diapers. Very absorbent, doesn’t take too long to dry (without a dryer) because it is thinner than other inserts. Worth the price!

Second change mat for travel

Bought this as a second change mat for travel, small and compact, with a lovely print. Would recommend it for travel!

The only swaddles I will purchase!

These swaddles are heavenly soft and remain soft wash after wash. Unlike other swaddles which will end up crunchy and pilly after several washes. I still have DB swaddles from my 3 yo newborn days which I will be reusing for my 2nd baby, and it feels as soft as the day we got it.

So comfortable like sleeping on your favourite tshirt

I love these bedsheets! Comfortable, soft, and durable. Not to mention vibrant and beautiful prints! I have at least 5 of them. Sometimes we also use these as covers for our 3 seater sofa.

Works just like a mainstream detergent!

*independent detergent review - bclean co*

I’ve been a long term user of non-mainstream detergents for a simple reason - my family cannot tolerate fragrance. I started out with RGDD but didn’t like how the powder always clumped up, then tried allegro, seventh generation and eventually settled for tide free & gentle. I also tried Persil powder, a low-fragrance mainstream detergent, but it was still overwhelming.

After reading glowing reviews on CCN I knew this was the unicorn I was waiting for. I bought 2 packs each of BABY, SOFT and SPORTS from retailer Clothe in Love to trial. All 3 variants contain enzymes and are suitable for cloth nappies.

We’re a family of 2 adults 3 children, 1 in full time clothe.
For an 8kg machine, I used 1.5 scoops (=3 Tbsp) for mainwash and 0.75 scoop (=1.5 Tbsp) for prewash.
Daily prewash on 60deg (we have night nappies), 3rd day mainwash on 60deg.

BABY - Very light touch of eucalyptus scent which dissipates quickly, similar to that of rocking green platinum. Requires a little more detergent for the same clean (1.75-2 scoops for mainwash).

SOFT - Contains added softener, but I don’t feel any significant difference. (Disclaimer: I finish off the diapers in the dryer so we’re comparing apples and oranges here). Again a very light scent from essential oils which dissipates quickly.

SPORTS - winner for us. Best clean and we don’t need the added softener. Also has a very light scent from essential oils which dissipates quickly.

What I like about bclean:
⭐️ option to wash on 40deg instead of 60deg
⭐️ saves time and energy -> less washing to do as I can combine different loads and wash everything on warm
⭐️ it’s powder. Yay to delay timer and overnight washing!
⭐️ use less detergent compared to other fragrance-free detergents
⭐️ easily accessible from Clothe in Love and they ship super fast! ❤️

TL;DR I’ve found my unicorn of a fragrance-free detergent that works just like a mainstream detergent.

It made my diapers SOFT!

When we first started using cloth diapers, we used Rockin' Green, and loved everything except for the price. We switched to Tide, and then to Persil, but I was never quite satisfied with the smell - I'm someone who's quite sensitive to fragrances and I generally don't like the smell of detergent.

Enter's SOFT. It did everything RGDD did, except it also made my diapers SOFT! We aren't in the habit of using softeners here, so when our diapers got crunchy, I figured it's probably just the fibres opening up and becoming more absorbent. But when we started using SOFT, I noticed the diapers getting softer and nicer to touch. (Most of our stash are fitteds, whereas previously I was using cotton prefolds - I did notice that with our cotton prefolds, the difference is less noticeable. But still a difference!) We also used it on our clothes-only loads, and it kept the fabrics velvety soft and light to wear.

I also experimented with dosage, to see how far we could save and stretch the detergent for more cost savings. For a while, I did 1/3 scoop prewashes and 3/4 scoop main washes on an 8kg LG front loader. The detergent is really quite effective - the picture below shows a Before and After prewash only on a poopy diaper, and most of the stains were gone, without adding any Vanish/booster! Sadly, while the stains were gone, after a while I noticed a phantom poop smell so we decided to go back to Clean Cloth Nappies' recommended dosage of 1 scoop for main washes and 1/2 scoop for prewashes. That said, you might be able to get away with 1/3 scoop prewashes, depending on the soiling of your diapers, especially if you are in the habit of doing 60 degree washes (we are, as we are slightly more paranoid about night diapers).

To increase cost-savings, if I were to purchase this detergent again, I would probably use it for main washes only. I figure it doesn't make sense to have softeners in your prewash, and if you're sensitive to smell like me, you could still prewash with one of the more mainstream detergents and then use this for your main wash, which would maximise the impact of softeners and keep the diapers/clothes soft when you wear them.

wool cover cleanser

I use this to wash my wool covers, can clean tough poop stain. I washed my kitchen towels too and it can strip away the greases effectively.

Soft, absorbent and comfy

When I asked Clothe In Love for recommendations on nursing pads, I was pointed to the Bumby Booby Backups that were originally hidden on the site. I've used them for nearly 3 weeks now and am happy to post my honest review 😄

Disclaimer: Before using them, I was using disposable nursing pads, so I have no basis of comparison between reusables. But am happy with my experience anyway!

At $27.50 for a set of 4/2 pairs, this isn't the cheapest option for nursing pads. But, you'll be getting bang for your buck since they are so luxe and comfortable! The inner layer (that goes against your skin) is cotton, while the outer layer is merino wool. This makes it super absorbent and breathable at the same time, with the cotton working to soak up all the excess letdown, while the wool allows your skin to breathe, even when the pads are worn for an entire day. What a world of difference from the disposable nursing pads I'd been using - I tried at least 3 brands of disposables and all made me itch non-stop!

I described nursing to a non-mummy friend as "incontinence from your boobs" 😭 But with these Booby Backups, I don't feel the leaks at allI! In fact, wearing them is even more comfortable than going bra-less as I don't have to deal with soppy shirts anymore. The only danger is not knowing when I have letdown, so my milk is somewhat "wasted", so you are warned! 😂

Great first wool cover

Bumby Abrazo Wool Cover - great for newbies to night diapering!

Disclaimer: Received a good discount on this as part of a draw-to-purchase for an honest review.

tl;dr: Easy to use and care for, great as a gift or for someone new to wool

As a first-time mum and also someone who's new to cloth, I was pretty nervous about trying out night diapering. For the longest time, we used disposables at night. It wasn't until we had a few disastrous leaks (read: having to change a screaming bub's clothes, mattress cover and various swaddles in double-time in the dead of night to avoid waking neighbours) that we decided to try night diapering with cloth.

The things I look out for in a night diaper solution are:
- 🌬 breathability (because it's going to be on bub all night)
- ☔ leakproof-ness (for obvious reasons)
- 👌 ease of putting on (because who wants to fiddle around with diapers at the end of a long day of spit-ups, chasing after babies, etc etc)
- 💖 chio-ness (as an added bonus so you wake up happy to see how great your baby looks)

Bumby's Abrazo Wool Cover is all of the above.

I was also worried about caring for wool, as I've had wool sweaters and socks before that got mangled when I machine washed them and hung them to dry above my heater in my cold UK college accommodation. No worries at all on this front:
- 💪 Bumby's wool is sturdy and can withstand machine washing
- 🤩 It feels silky and lovely on the skin even when only washed weekly
- 🐑 Lanolisation was fuss-free with Bumby's detailed video tutorial and their emulsified lanolin solution
- 👏 The velcro is super high quality and doesn't damage the wool or other items in the wash

The only downside of the wool cover I can think of is that the leg cuffs are a bit awkward to fit on my extremely chubby baby with a big belly. She looks a little better in bloomers 😝 Still, doesn't affect function so it's all good.

Repeat order.

Used 1.0 in the last. Lasted a long time. After 1.5 years, my child pees heavily and tried other cloth diapers. Kept away for 1.5 years and I could still use it again!

Straw Pouch
Bigger than expected

These are good to use while traveling.

Works Well for Poo Stains

cleans poo and milk stains very well!

Absolutely love these blankets. They are incredibly soft, generously sized and just the right thickness for Singapore weather. I initially bought 1 to try and immediately came back to buy more. The prints are of course lovely and artistically very well done.

Travel Wet Bag
jia ling lee
In love with pods

I am in love with pods(: super convenient to use. The two loops handle is helpful.

Travel Wet Bag
Luu Wang
Great for days out and perfect to hang on prams

This pod is great for days out and to hang over the pram. Spacious and very versatile too. Besides storing nappies I also use it to store my carrier too! Hands down a great accessory to have!

Cuts drying time!

6 balls cut drying cloth diaper laundry (mainwash of about 3-4 days' worth) from 3-4hrs to 3hrs. Also allows large items like bedsheets and towels to dry more evenly. Not noisy while tumbling with laundry. Love it so far!


Always loved mama koala.
Always loved their prints.
Always loved dinosaurs.
This diaper has the most beautiful colours. Its perfect. Really.

Amazing texture. Can last through washes at 60DC and won’t be destroyed. Really good quality and it fits my 19m whose on the bigger side comfortably.

Price wise, it’s really affordable too.

I love the texture of minky. Really smooth and it can last in washes at 60DC. Really good quality and it fits my 19m whose on the bigger side comfortably.

Price wise, it’s really affordable too.

Pretty prints. Really good quality and it fits my 19m whose on the bigger side comfortably.

Price wise, it’s really affordable too.

Pretty prints and they are all true to what is seen here. Really good quality and it fits my 19m whose on the bigger side comfortably.

Price wise, it’s really affordable too.

Pretty prints. Really good quality and it fits my 19m whose on the bigger side comfortably.

Price wise, it’s really affordable too.

Pretty prints. Really good quality and it fits my 19m whose on the bigger side comfortably.

Price wise, it’s really affordable too.

Comfy potty pants

My son loves the potty pants as the materials are soft and comfy unlike the diaper potty pants.