About Us

Early childhood, where the days are long but years are short...

We believe that the first few years are crucial for a child’s rapid growth & development, and by providing a healthy & loving environment for our little ones, we’re giving them a head start for a better future.

Clothe In Love is on a mission to help families create a loving home with curated essentials that are aesthetic, eco-friendly, non-toxic, with proven quality to perform! We thoroughly 

We’re also the first modern cloth diaper retailer in Singapore, carrying the widest range (but carefully curated) of cloth diapers brands & types, here to support you on your cloth diapering journey! We know different household has different needs - so chat us up for recommendations or if you need help with cloth diapering!

If you have any recommendations for products and brands that you think will fit our store, or any suggestions, feel free to drop us a note! We would love to hear from you <3

With love, Mel


May your little ones be clothed in love as you clothe in joy!

~ Let all that you do be done in love. 1 Corinthians 16:14 ~