Rainbow Dip Merino Wool Bloomers
Rainbow Dip Merino Wool Bloomers
Rainbow Dip Merino Wool Bloomers
Rainbow Dip Merino Wool Bloomers

Rainbow Dip Merino Wool Bloomers

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Shortest inseam has a curve at the front and back for a really adorable extra poof. Standard have a nice mid thigh length which can be rouched up for added poof as well.

These long ones can extend quite a bit down the leg for a knickerbocker vintage golf player look. Either way, these look super cool on all genders and one of our Bumby classic looks and hugely popular.

Bumby has been dip dyeing wool for years, they will dip, then make sure that the colours are all set well, so there will be some blending. Each dipped colour takes time to do properly and with painstaking caution and enthusiastic patience! 

Sizing Charts

Note that all of our bottoms are based on the same “bum” which means that all the shorts, crops and pants in the size have the same top portion. So once you find the right Hip, Rise and Waist that will work, you can just choose your style. Scroll down to find help to measure.

How to Measure

A really easy way to measure is to use existing pants that fit well. They don’t move around nearly as much as a squirmy baby!

The rise of a diaper is the same when off or on a baby

Night-time diapers are usually bigger, so it is a good idea to take that into account

Check our chat group on Facebook. You will probably find someone with similar measurements or sizing to chat with and get ideas. 

The wool is stretchy and forgiving. We have siblings sharing the same clothes at the same time that are months/years apart in age.


Rise is the measurement through the crotch along the belly and bum. The rise tends to be the first thing to be outgrown, leading to “plumber butt” or diapers peeking out. We show 3 separate measurements on our charts.

  1. Total measurement through the crotch from front waistband to back waistband
  2. From the seam at the waistband to the crotch at the front
  3. Lastly the seam at the back waistband to crotch


Well you probably know what hips are, but let’s talk about it. Because the pants curve into the crotch, even though it is wider when laid out flat. The actual true hips sit about 2-3″ above the widest part of the pants. The space varies by size as the garments scale up. Which I know makes it a bit complicated and hard to measure.

Just measure about 2” above the crotch and double it. That is a good guess. Good thing the wool stretches, which makes it nice and forgiving.


Inseam is the measurement along the leg from crotch seam to hem. Our pants have a curve at the crotch to flow through the middle nicely with less stress on the seam. Measuring a pair of pants that fit well is also a very good idea.


The waist measurement fluctuates a lot throughout the day on babies. Measure on the skin above the diaper and aim for 2-4 or so inches smaller for the wool so they don’t fall down as easily.