Emulsifying Block and Lanolin Sample

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Handmade Emulsion break apart bar in compostable bag with a spoonful of Lanolin Sample random scent.

Our Bumby Wool Solution Emulsifying Blocks are hand crafted in our workshop.  We saponify food grade oils and fats, creating a luscious soap that lightly bubbles and emulsifies lanolin, as well as can be used to make a wool wash solution.  This soap is gentle enough to use on your baby’s skin.

We only use the best quality Fragrance Oils (FO) and Essential Oils (EO) in our products.   Many customers really like yummy smells, so we have launched scented fragrance oils as well.  I also get to use the scraps as a hand molded bath bar, so am enjoying this decision quite a bit.  Please note that these oils do change the colour of the bars.  Some have a mild beige colour and some are quite deep brown.  This doesn’t effect the function in any way, and is fairly standard.

Each break apart bar is gently broken in half and placed side by side into the compostable pouch with peek in window.

Please note that different scents result in different colours for the blocks.

How to use: https://bumbywool.com/product/bumby-wool-solutions-emulsifying-block-and-lanolin-sample/

Note from Bumby Wool: 

We hand craft artisan soaps for wool care made with natural ingredients. We always do our best to not only reduce our global climate footprint but improve the world with reusable, natural, sustainable, biodegradable cloth diapering products and winter clothing. When sourcing packaging for our soap I wanted to find something attractive yet not another single use plastic package for our landfills. I was so happy to find a Canadian supplier with compostable plant based bags. We have found that after some time some of the oils in the soaps are starting to break down the plant based see through film. Some of these are in transit to retailers and customers, as well as in our shop still. After long consideration, I will not be switching to a more durable plastic bag nor repackaging what already has been made. The tiny cracks in the film in no way impact the product and it would just be wasteful. I also already just bought another shipment of 2000 of these cute bags. So please forgive us that this decision and understand that it comes from a place of thinking about our environment. I will continue to look for another product that fits with our ideology.