Breastpads (3 pairs and Washbag)

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Bare and Boho reusable breast-pads are an essential accessory for any mama. Our pads consist of 3x layers of Organic Bamboo Cotton fleece with an outer layer of soft Recycled Polyester and water resistant backing, and come in sets of 3 and a washbag. Breast Cloth Pads are for those pre & post-partum leakages of fluids, milk or simply as a pad for soothing sore cracked nipples.

Our Breast pads are completely reusable, washable, and eco-friendly. Designed to be used multiple times and washed with general laundry in the wash-bag provided.

Using reusable breast pads, can potentially save upwards of 1000 disposables pads used per child, based on the average mother requiring 8 changes a day for 3 months!

Note: When new, pads will be fluffier. Where nipples may experience cracking, the pads may stick slightly. So, in these cases, apply oil/nipple balm before placing your pad over top.


13.5cm diameter


• Simply place a pad in your bra against the nipple, to absorb fluids.

• For cracked/sore nipples, apply nipple balm/oil first and then apply pad- this helps to avoid the pads sticking to torn nipples.

• Due to the waterproof backing you can rest assured that fluids won't leak through to your clothing.

• When the pad is heavy with fluid, place used pad in dry pail, ready for your next laundry load and use another pad. We recommend washing daily-second day.

Customer Reviews

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Beautiful but inconvenient

Beautiful prints, however the fleece material touching the nipple results in fine fibres sticking to the nipple, especially as the leaks will make the fabric stick more - a hassle to try to remove the fibres before latching baby.

Hello XY,

Thank you for sharing your experience with us! I've checked in with Bare & Boho on this, and they've some suggestions you can try out so the pads don't' go to waste :)

1) Putting the breast pads in the dryer on low it fluffed the lining up, makes it more comfortable and less likely to leave little threads. You'll just need to make sure you're stretching the pads when wet to ensure they dry to shape as organic cotton can shrink when wet, and the dryer may make this more likely.

2) If you're using any particular nipple balm beneath the pads, do ensure a good wash routine as if the washing routine isn’t quite right, this will result in hardening of the natural fibres also, which can leave threads. Ideally you'll need to be washing the breast pads between 40-60 degrees with good detergent (if plant based detergent at least 60).

Let me know how it goes and if there's any further help we can provide! :)