BMSG's Virtual Big Latch On 2021

Hi mummies!

I'm glad to be part of this event to support BMSG! BMSG has helped me tremendously figuring out this whole breastfeeding thing, as a first time mum, I lacked supply, knowledge and support, and BMSG was like a wealth of knowledge and a community of encouraging mums to cheer you on your breastfeeding journey. Here's much love to you and hope your breastfeeding journey will be a good one, it's tough, so tough, but so worth it I will choose it again and again! Now I'm a mum of two, and tandem latching too! Feel free to PM if you just want to chat with someone :) 

Here's a collection of items specially curated for BMSG's Virtual Big Latch On 2021, ranging from pregnancy to postnatal, newborn to toddlers, mealtimes, bathtime and playtime! There is definitely something even for non-cloth diapering mums! 

If there's anything I'll recommend, do cart out some cloth wipes, they are an easy replacement for disposable wipes, easily saving you cost that can be put to better use and so much better for baby's bums without the chemicals and preservatives found in disposable wipes! Just wet and wipe! 

If you're interested to try out cloth diapering, reach out via FB messenger or drop an email, I'll be glad to answer any questions you have and work out something that fits into your lifestyle, you can start anytime, and do it part time or daytime or nighttime or just weekends, wherever and however it fits, it does not necessarily have to be full time cloth diapering!

Cloth diapering has brought much joy to me as a mom, looking at the pretty bums makes diaper changes more joyful! <3 It is not hard, and I promise to hold your hand every step of the way, from choosing of what's suitable to figuring out a good wash routine! 

With <3, 

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